Marketing & Advertising


What and who do you want to reach?

Of course you should always start out with a proper SEO configuration of your website, but to maximize the performance of the website there are other marketing outlets to utilize.

Traditional advertising in one way, but taking of advantage of outlets such as Facebook, Google+ Twitter, TripAdvisor and website marketing such as on Phnom Penh Nightlife and Phnom Penh Restaurant Guide are other very important ways of marketing your website online.

There are other factors that come into play when drawing up a strategy for your website’s marketing and social media needs. For example, if have a link to your website from another website (a link-back), this will notably increase the traffic and search engine rankings of your website. We know all these ‘tricks of the trade’.

Let Phnom Penh Media help get you to the top! We have over 15 years experience in web marketing and can help you manage all of these outlets and more!

If you have a new business or a special product that you want to bring to the online market then the following method would be good to start to with – We set up an advert for you on Google.

For example – Let’s say you want to develop your new business selling coffee machines for instance. We create an advert containing pertinent keywords that accurately describes what the purpose of your business is about. For example – “Automatic coffee machines, Coffee makers, Coffee etc etc”.

We then “price” each keyword in order to achieve the level of listing that you desire. The more you pay for “each click” the higher your business will be “ranked” – so when someone searches for Coffee Makers on Google they will see that the list of websites returned will include your website(provided you have paid enough per click).

If the customer “clicks” on your advert to link to your website – you will pay Google. If they do not “click” on your advert then of course you do not have to pay anything for a higher listing. Your higher listing is driven by the number of clicks and not subject to a fee if no one visits your website.

However if a customer does click on your advert to be re-directed to your website then you know that you do have a potential customer interested in wanting to buy a coffee machine from you.
This is another excellent marketing technique that is relatively inexpensive. Simply place an advert or a banner on another persons’ website that already attracts thousands of visitors. You do not have to pay per click or pay additional fees other than the single fee that you have agreed with the owner of the website/portal.

We have many connections for this type of marketing and are able to advise you where your Adverts/banners should be placed in order to achieve a low cost price per month/year.
This can be very effective if you do it the right way and send your newsletter to the right interested parties who have indicated an interest in your product.

We are able to help you to set up a professional newsletter that can be used and reused many times over with easy to manage changes to your newsletter. .