What do you mean with Responsive Design?
Responsive design is the process of creating a Web site that has the ability to dynamically reconfigure its layout, navigation, content and images based on the size and orientation of the user’s display and device on which it is presented.

A responsive Web site achieves this flexibility by using a single HTML codebase that is presented differently to the displays of various devices and browsers.

A user visiting a responsive Web site on a typical desktop browser might for example see a three-column layout with navigation in the right column, page content in the center, and callouts on the right.

Another user visiting the same site on a smartphone might see a single column layout where the navigation has been re-configured into a list below the header, page content and scaled-down images below it.

Why do your website need SEO (Search Optimization)?
SEO stands for Search Optimization. This means that you do a job with a website and optimizing it so search engines can more easily find it. You go through the entire website with search strings, titles, descriptions, etc... In addition to this you combined it with in-links, articles and blogs to get the website some weight. The more materials that point to your website - the better.

Let's say you have a shop that sells coffee machines. When someone searches at Google for example for "coffee machines", you want them to find your website on the first page so you have a chance to a deal - right? If your 10 worst competitors are on the first page and not you. Chances are pretty big that any of these may be the order.

We usually say that without a little SEO you might as well skip the whole website, because nobody will find your website anyway.

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